Knowing what I wanted my exotics to look like and accomplishing that goal, I new the status quo was unacceptable. I did not want my animals looking like the ones I saw in zoo after zoo throughout the US. The only professional animal nutritionist thinking outside of the “box” was Dr. Gary Pusillo. My directions to Gary were simple, “I want my animals feeling and looking their best without compromise and without feeding them “garbage”. With his practical experience and expertise in nutrition, Gary formulated Oasis™.  Today, all of my animals are fed Oasis and the way they look, feel and breed, speak loud and clear to the benefits of Gary’s products and the love that he has for what he does.

Our facility in Okeechobee, Florida has grown beyond breeding exotics. We are also a wildlife rehab center, caring for 1000 animals a years, where a good majority of Gary’s products are used in our daily care and feeding programs. What Gary provides in his products simply makes life easier for me and the animals using them. We are in the public eye everyday, opening our facility to the public or visiting schools to conduct educational programs. We must have our animals looking great and feeling happy all the time. Gary’s tireless efforts to produce the specialized nutritional products that I need everyday to be successful are one reason why we have accomplished so much. 

Sue Arnold

Arnold’s Exotic Cat Breeder

Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Inc.