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Own Your Pet’s Food: Take Control by Feeding Fresh

Fresh+Oasis is a cost effective and convenient solution for discriminating pet parents who want to balance and fortify a homemade fresh pet food and have control over the diet, in terms of: freshness, quality, functionality, origin, price, health-enhancing benefits, taste, no additives, all-natural, etc. The steps are simple: You buy the fresh meat: we provide the Oasis Nutrition… that’s it. The Fresh+Oasis premix is the foundation to a complete and balanced homemade diet. The simplicity of preparation only involves a minimum of 15 minutes, one day per week and it’s your choice whether to feed the meat cooked or raw. Fresh scientifically balanced pet food from your kitchen to your pet’s bowl is easier than ever before.

Scientifically Balanced Fresh Food: Homemade, Made Easy

Fresh+Oasis is a daily supplement food pre-mix of essential nutrients, scientifically formulated for the unique species-specific needs of companion and exotic animals. Oasis’ comprehensive formula provides an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals, intended to strengthen and optimize core body systems to build your pet’s foundation for long-term health, resilience, and longevity. Fresh+Oasis is formulated to be mixed with safe, wholesome, unadulterated cooked or raw meat that you purchase to complete and balance the homemade pet food.